2016 Recruiting Masters Course Busy Schedule Option


The 2016 Option!

For some of us in recruiting, we cannot or do not want to wait for ten-weeks to learn the powerful and proven process taught in the Art of The Recruiting Masters Ecourse. Since many have asked if we can deliver the training in a more expedient or compressed time frame, we now offer this popular option:

Now, you can gain total access to each detailed class, all the materials and class study guides, agreements, tools and reference materials to take each class at your own pace. The Art of the Recruiting Masters eCourse is available in ten, recorded classes detailing each and every step and nuance in the process.

Access is online and each session can be replayed as many times as you desire. Once enrolled, you will get your own unique username and password and the link to replay every class.

This access is given for a full 12 months so if you add a recruiter, you have an on-demand training program that is hailed as the best training available, globally by recruiters, rookies and veterans. The details are the same as the ten-week class. The output identical. The delivery at your own personal desire and learning curve.

Click Below to ENROLL in the 2016 On-Demand Course (with Live Access to Doug!)

 OR, Call us at 850-424-6933 for this creative alternative. We will enroll you in a fast & EZ process. We accept all major credit/debit cards.